Third terminal at Dar es Salaam airport

The Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority has awarded the contract for a third terminal at Dar es Salaam's Julius Nyerere international airport to the Royal BAM Group of Holland’s BAM International.

The Dutch company will oversee the design and construction of the new terminal which will be built in two phases in a joint venture with British sister company BAM Nuttall.

When completed Terminal 3 will facilitate 6 million passengers annually – in line with the predicted growth of Dar es Salaam's international air traffic – leaving the current international Terminal 2 to deal with domestic flights.

The first phase of the project will cost over €130 million and involves the construction of the main terminal building. This will facilitate 3.5 million people, while the second phase will serve a further 2.5 million.

The airport was originally designed to handle an annual capacity of about 1.2 million passengers however in 2012 over 2 million passengers passed through the airport.

BAM International renovated the airport in a two-phase project in 2006 and 2010.