Kenyans wanting to travel to the United States (US) for tourism or study purposes now have to pay more for their visa as a result of a global increase in application fees that comes into effect on 4 June.

From that date, the fee in Kenyan Shillings for standard non-immigrant visas for the US (for tourists, students, crew and exchange visitors) will be Ksh11,200 and for special non-immigrant visas (for temporary workers, intracompany transferals, entertainers, athletes and religious workers) will be Ksk12,000. This represents an increase of Ksh700 and Ksh1,500 respectively over the present fee of Ksh10,500 for both. The US embassy in Kenya says in a statement that applicants who pay the old fee before 4 June but are called for interview after that date will be required to pay the difference.

Fees are still payable through the Commercial Bank of Africa as before. The only exception is the eventual difference between the old and the new fee, which can be paid directly at the US embassy.

For further information see the US embassy website.

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