Egypt Comix Week

Egypt's first comics week, entitled BECA Between Cadres, examines the creative art and development of comics and the graphic novel in the country.

The week of exhibitions, workshops, discussion groups and lectures is organised by the Alliance Française, the Goethe Institute and Sefsafa publishers and takes place in both Cairo and Alexandria.

Comics in Egypt have been mainly a form of children's entertainment and have been slow to make progress in the adult market, mainly because of the opposition and censorship of governments from Anwar Sadat onwards. One of the most recent to have gained recognition is TokTok, which was conceived as a monthly but only manages to publish spasmodically.

During the week 20 Egyptians participate in workshops with their French and German counterparts. There is also an exhibition dedicated to the work of comic artists Adham Fawaz and Michel Maalouf.