17 May-5 Aug 2006. Celebrated annually in Ghana since 1998, Emancipation Day on 1 August marks the anniversary of the abolition of slavery in the British empire in 1834. Each year starting in mid-May the government organises a series of educational, cultural and social events throughout the country exploring the history of the trans-Atlantic slave trade and its legacy for Ghana and Ghanaians today. This year the programme has the theme Emancipation, our heritage our strength and the sub-theme honouring our African heroes. Events include public lectures in Ghanas ten regions (in Accra on 21 June), a national essay-writing competition for secondary school and university students on the theme Discuss the role of African heroes in the struggle for emancipation from slavery, an Emancipation Day beach jam at La Pleasure Beach in Accra (23 July, 10.00-18.00), wreath-laying and healing ceremonies and visits to slave trade sites. For information and programme details see the Ghana Tourism website.

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Address Events in cities across Ghana.

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Emancipation Day 2006.

Events in cities across Ghana.