2-11 March 2011. This photographic exhibition entitled Kusi na Kaskazi, which means South and North, by the Swiss photographer Beat Presser has been travelling along the Tanzanian coast in 2010 and now arrives to Arusha. On display are a series of photographs dedicated to the cultural area between the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea, which has fascinated generations and generations over the centuries.

Furthermore, it investigates the origins of sailing ships in the Indian Ocean as well as the history of the traditional Tanzanian dhows, their construction and daily use. The images are accompanied by some text material by Prof. Abdul Sheriff , a Tanzanian scientist as well as founder of the Zanzibar Indian Ocean Research Institute.

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Address Via Via Café, Arusha, tel. +255 22 213 4800.

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Kusi na Kaskazi Exhibition

Via Via Café, Arusha, tel. +255 22 213 4800.