13 April-28 May 2006. Paintings, photographs, videos, drawings, sculptures and installations by artists from Portuguese-speaking Africa and Brazil are on show at the National Art Museum in Maputo. The exhibition includes work by Ricardo Rangel, Viteix, Manuel Figueira,Mestre Didi, Alexandre Santos, Lus Basto, Mauro Pinto, Toms Cumbana, Fbio Domingues, Celestino Mondlane, Paulo Kapela, Chico Tabibuia, Maurino Arajo, Pinto, Hilrio Gemuce, Victor Sousa, Antnio Ol, Fernando Alvim, Tchal Figueira, Marepe, Rosana Paulino, Bento Oliveira, Antnio Srgio Moreira, Yonamine, Tiago Borges and Rubem Valentim. The title of the show Replica and rebellion reflects the process used by the artists of first appropriating and then transforming the techniques and artistic language of the European settlers. The exhibition will be showing at the natural history museum in Luanda (Angola) in June and July before proceeding to Cape Verde, Luxembourg, Brazil, Germany and Portugal.

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Address National Art Museum, Maputo.

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Rplica e Rebeldia.

National Art Museum, Maputo.