21 April-5 May 2006. Work by Ethiopian artist Merid Tafesse is on show at the childrens village near Arat Kilo to mark the 40th anniversary of the visit made by Emperor Haile Selassie to Jamaica on 21 April 1966. Born Lij Tafari Makonnen, Haile Selassie (1892-1975) is considered God incarnate by the Rastafari movement, which originated on the Caribbean island in the 1930s. Tafesse graduated from the Addis Ababa University school of fine arts and design in 1998. Since then he has exhibited solo in Israel and held group exhibitions in Ethiopia and France. The exhibition is part of a Young, Gifted and Black series by DYM Consultancy and proceeds will go to support the work of the childrens village.

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Address Childrens Village, Arat Kilo.

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Seven Years in Black and White.

Childrens Village, Arat Kilo.