Tanzanian film awards

The first Tanzanian film awards (TAFA) will be announced on 23 May. There are 24 nominations for Tanzanian films and there will be 12 prizes. Judges are from the East African Film Network.

The idea behind these first-ever film awards is to encourage all involved in the national film industry from actors to producers, not just at home but also on the East African circuits.

The 12 awards are for best actor, best actress, best supporting role for actor and actress, best comedian, best director, best feature film, best screenplay, life time achievement, tribute award for the media, tribute award for the personality and a special tribute award for a government policy maker who has done most to promote the film industry.

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Address Mwalimu Nyerere Conference Centre, Dar es Salaam.

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Tanzanian film awards

Mwalimu Nyerere Conference Centre, Dar es Salaam.