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Walls between People

1-15 November 2012. This exhibition, entitled Walls between People, focuses on new barriers, which have been built worldwide in the 20 years following the fall of the Berlin Wall. In this era, domi...
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X Privacy by Dawit Abebe

9-25 October 2012. This exhibition, entitled X Privacy, displays the latest works by the Ethiopian artist Dawit Abebe, ispired by his vision of society in modern times. Abebe has graduated from the...
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Tracing Memories

7 June-6 July 2012. This photographic exhibition, entitled From Arat to Sedist Kilo, displays a series of collages created by the Italian photographer Antonio Fiorente. On focus are the three building...
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Exhibition on Emperor Menelik II’s Personal Physician

18-30 June 2012. The Institute of Ethiopian Studies pays homage to the Ethiopian Emperor Menelik II and his personal physician Dr. Max Steinkühler with a symposium followed by an exhibition. I...
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Building the Konso Visual Archives

17-31 May 2012. This exhibition, organized by the Konso Cultural Centre (Karat, Konso) and the Italian Cultural Institute (Addis Ababa), displays a series of selected photographs, which focus on the a...
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What Can You Make With Bamboo

22 May-1 June 2012. The Italian Institut hosts the award ceremony and the opening of this design exhibition, entitled What Can You Make With Bamboo. The exhibition displays a series of winning proj...
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Fana-Wogi 2012

31 May-28 June 2012. This exhibition displays the works, which won the second edition of the famous Ethiopian arts competition Fana-Wogi. This year the winners are Hirut Gizaw, Muluken Dessalegn an...


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