Friday, 05 March 2021
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Serengeti voted world's best safari

Six Tanzanian destinations in top 50 African safaris Tanzania's Serengeti National Park has been voted the world's best safari destination in an online survey conducted by Safari Bookings, a leadi...
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Tanzania estimates voting figures

About 24 million people eligible to vote Tanzania's Bureau of Statistics has estimated that about 24 million people out of a population of 48,522,230 people are eligible to vote in the coming gener...
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Arusha-Tengeru highway construction begins

Part of the Arusha-Holili road project After years of promises the Tanzanian National Roads Authority (Tanroads) has announced the start of construction on the 14.2 km Arusha-Tengeru section of the...
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Arusha to open baby elephant orphanage

Tanzania copes with oprhans of poached elephants Tanzania is set to open its first baby elephant orphanage in Arusha to deal with young elephants orphaned following the deaths of their mothers due...
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Tanzania and Kenya sign deal to tackle illegal timber trade

Countries join forces to battle illegal cross-border trade Tanzania and Kenya have signed an agreement to combat the illegal logging and timber trade across the borders of both countries. The m...
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Tourist disputes continue between Kenya and Tanzania

Talks between Kenya and Tanzania on the organisation of cross-border tourism have broken down again. The meeting in mid-March proved as inconclusive as the one in February and at present both sides...
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Tanzania sentences albino killers to death

32 witch doctors arrested in Tanzania A court in north-west Tanzania has sentenced four people to death for the murder of an albino woman who was killed so that her limbs could be used for black m...
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Arusha tourist meeting postponed

Tanzania's decision to postpone a top level meeting of Kenyan and Tanzania's tourist industry ministers and operators, which was set for the first week in February, has caused an immediate tough react...
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South Sudan breakthrough at Arusha summit

 Rival factions sign agreement during peace talks in Arusha There was a major breakthrough in the ongoing South Sudan peace talks on 22 January when the three rival factions of the ruling Sud...
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Arusha tackles noise pollution

Plans to ban noisy activities in the city Authorities in Arusha are proposing new by-laws to control noise pollution from loudhailers promoting businesses, political rallies and amplified singing...
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Increased giraffe poaching in Arusha region

Giraffe killing highlighted in the Manyara lake district Poachers are turning their attention to giraffes in the Manyara lake region, south-west of Arusha, according to reports in local media....
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Tanzania calls for worldwide ban on ivory, rhino trade

Tanzania has only 123 rhinos from 65,000 in 1970 An international ban on trading in ivory products is the only way to end the war on poaching, according to Tanzania's minister for natural resource...
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Electronic permits for Arusha's safari tourists

Pilot initiative introduced at Lake Manyara National Park Tourists visiting the Lake Manyara National Park in northern Tanzania are now being issued with electronic permits, as part of a pilot pro...
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Arusha march for elephants and rhinos

Arusha protest to coincide with national event The internationally-celebrated march to save elephants and rhinos is being held in Tanzania ten days after World Animal Day, so that it will coincide...
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Arusha to move cemetery for bus terminal extension

Council to exhume 2,500 bodies Arusha city council plans to expand its main bus terminal by using a nearby cemetery situated in the central Levolosi district between Makongoro and Middleton Road....
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Tanzania to use Lake Victoria waters for Serengeti wildlife

Lake to help animals survive during increasing droughts The Tanzanian government is to use Lake Victoria as an alternative water source for the wild animals of Serengeti National Park, to help the...
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Hippo under threat in Lake Manyara

Rice farming theatens hippo population at Lake Manyara Rice farming is reducing the water levels significantly at Lake Manyara, threatening the existence of the hippos living in the surrounding na...
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Tanzania steps up fight against poachers

Local community helps protect Arusha against poachers Tanzania has launched a new community-based programme to increase its measures against illegal poachers. The plan by Tanzania National Park...
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Serengeti saved

The East African Court of Justice has blocked the plans of the Tanzanian government to build a road through the north of the Serengeti national park. The grounds for its injunction are that it woul...
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Save the Serengeti

The Facebook page of Stop the Serengeti Highway has reported that the Tanzania government has indicated that it will now consider a German feasibility study to route the controversial Serengeti Highwa...


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