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Giant Mandela portrait unveiled in Cape Town

A giant portrait in honour of Nelson Mandela has appeared over the 11-storey Civic Centre in Cape Town, as the condition of the former South African president is described as "critical". The 42m-hi...
Cape Town News

Cape Town plans Mandela statue

Cape Town plans to erect a statue of former South African president Nelson Mandela on the city's Grand Parade, the site of his first public speech following his release from prison in 1990. The ann...
Cape Town News

New draft rules for Cape Town cyclists

Cape Town has drafted new regulations for cyclists and motorists to improve road safety in the province. The new rules, now open to discussion, would form part of last December's Western Cape Provi...
Cape Town News

Cape Town gives limited go-ahead to tuk-tuks

Cape Town has permitted the limited use of three-wheeled motorcycle "tuk-tuk" taxis within certain areas of the city, as part of an amendment to the council's integrated transport plan which is due fo...
Cape Town News

Illegal rubbish dumps in Cape Town

There are 985 illegal dumping grounds in the Cape Town area according to the city's administration which has promised to increase its powers to combat the crime. Cape Town is introducing higher fin...
Cape Town News

Cape Town liquor laws come into effect

Cape Town City Council has suspended its plan to ban alcohol sales on Sundays following a last-minute motion to amend its controversial liquor law which came into effect on 1 April. However the bul...
Cape Town News

Daredevil charity flight from Robben Island

A man plans to fly from Robben Island to Cape Town using 200 helium-filled party balloons, in aid of charity. Matt Silver Vallance, who has been planning the event for four years, is currently wait...
Cape Town News

Cape Town streets renamed

The names of six streets in Cape Town were changed on 21 March, as part of the lengthy process to rename apartheid-era streets which began in 2011. Hendrik Verwoerd Drive, named after the former So...
Cape Town News

Cape Town liquor by-law

Cape Town has reminded the city's business owners to prepare for the upcoming liquor by-law which will reduce the hours of alcohol consumption. The by-law, which comes into effect on 1 April, will...
Cape Town News

Cape Town rules out F1 race

Cape Town has ruled out the idea of Formula One (F1) racing at the Cape Town Stadium after councillors deemed the project too expensive. Over the last two years the city has received 11 proposals f...
Cape Town News

Controlled burn at Cape Town wetlands

Vegetation at the Zoarvlei wetland section of Table Bay nature reserve in Cape Town is to be burnt by the city's environmental resource management department. The 140-hectare reserve is located nex...
Cape Town News

Broadband for Cape Town townships

Khayelitsha, Cape Town’s largest township, is about to become the latest district to avail of the massive broadband infrastructure project being undertaken by the city and provincial government....
Cape Town News

Cape Town’s polluted air

The air of Cape Town is among the most polluted in South Africa, ranking alongside the coalfields of Witbank and Limpopo in the country's northern region. The findings were presented by experts at...
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Second Cape Town Electronic Music Festival

The second edition of the Cape Town Electronic Music Festival (CTEMF) takes place from 15-17 February at the V&A Waterfront. Festival organisers say they wish to build on the success of the ina...
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Cape Town dedicates 2013 to Mandela

Cape Town has dedicated 2013 to former South African president Nelson Mandela with a programme of events in his honour taking place throughout the year, according to the city’s mayor Patricia de...
Cape Town News

Only female sharks come to shore in Cape Town

Scientists in Cape Town have discovered that only female great white sharks come close to shore in the city’s False Bay. The ground-breaking research, led by local shark scientist Alison Kock...
Cape Town News

Fewer people fly to Cape Town

There has been a decrease in the number of arrivals into Cape Town international airport over the festive season according to the Airports Company South Africa (ACSA), which blames the fall-off on air...
Cape Town News

Diarrhoea outbreak in Cape Town

A diarrhoea outbreak in Cape Town has resulted in the deaths of at least two children and the treatment of more than 2,800 others at the city's hospitals and clinics. Almost 300 children were admit...
Cape Town News

Poles for highway bus lanes in Cape Town

The city of Cape Town has announced plans to place poles along the N2’s dedicated bus lane in an effort to curb its widespread illegal use by private motorists. Authorities will put the pilla...
Cape Town News

Cape Town to get cruise liner terminal

A dedicated berthing terminal for cruise liners at Cape Town's Table Bay harbour is to be built after South African state company Transnet gave in to pressure from city and provincial authorities unha...


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