Sitting on the west side of Maputo Bay overlooking the Indian Ocean, Maputo is divided into two distinct parts: the colonial Cidade cimento, occupying the areas closest to the sea, and the indigenous Canio, stretching further inland. The former is inhabited by middle- and high-income Mozambicans and...

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Mozambique pledges bilingual education by 2017

Education ministry to teach Portuguese as foreign language Education is to become fully bilingual in Mozambique, with the country's primary school children being taught in 16 Mozambican languages...
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Germany Invests in Mozambique Education Sector

The Mozambican and German governments have signed an agreement which will see the German Development Bank (KFW) invest in Mozambique's education sector. Under the plans, the KFW will invest
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World Bank funds education initiative in Mozambique.

The World Bank has donated $79 million to support primary and secondary schooling, professional education, teacher training, higher education, school health and institutional development in Mozambique...
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Brazil to create African University in Redenção.

Brazil is to create a special university based in Reden
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Biennial on Education in Africa in Maputo.

Maputo is to host the biennial on education in Africa from 5-9 May. Organised by the Association for the Development of Education in Africa (ADEA), the conference on education development brings toget...