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TB increases in Mozambique

The number of new cases of tuberculosis in Mozambique increased from 38,044 in 2007 to 46,174 in 2010 according to figures reported by the minister of health on World Tuberculosis day on 24 March....
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Maputo provincial hospital ready in 2011

Work is underway to build a new provincial hospital in Matola, near Maputo, taking pressure off existing facilities in the capital. The construction of the $9.5 million hospital is running slightl...
Maputo News

National child health week in Mozambique

National child health week begins in Mozambique on 12 April with a new emphasis on maternal health as well as the health of children. During the five-day campaign health workers are targeting thre...
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Mozambique battles cholera and floods

Over 40 people are now known to have died from an outbreak of cholera in Mozambique
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New medical clinic for Maputo

Expatriates in Mozambique will soon have access to a new private medical clinic in Maputo. The Maputo Trauma Centre and Well Woman Clinic is located in Avenida Julius Nyerere and is scheduled to op...
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Mozambique Eyecare Project.

Staff from the optometry departments at Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) and the University of Ulster (UU) are to set up an optometry school at the new public L
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HIV/Aids affects Mozambique civil service

Maputo has seen a sharp rise in the incidence of HIV/Aids, with around 500 new cases a day being reported. In light of the increase in the figures Prime Minister Luisa Diogo has announced plans to int...
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Cholera kills 72 in Mozambique.

At least 72 people have died from cholera in Mozambique in the last ten months, with 6,301 cases registered in nine out of the country
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HIV/AIDS in Mozambique.

The ministry of health has announced the first national research project on HIV/AIDS in Mozambique, called INSIDA. The study will be carried out in 2009, involving 17,000 individuals of all ages from...
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Mozambique free from hemorrhagic fever.

The joint director of health, Martinho Djedje, has said that Mozambique remains free of the hemorrhagic fever which caused three deaths in South Africa in October. Djedje told
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English-speaking Alcoholics Anonymous.

The Maputo chapter of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) has launched an English-speaking group with support from the United States embassy and the American International School. The group meets on Wednesdays...
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AIDS orphans in Mozambique on the rise.

Over 380,000 out of a total of 1.6 million child orphans in Mozambique have lost their parents due to AIDS-related diseases and this figure could rise to 650,000 by the end of 2010, according to the U...
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Renewed call to eradicate backstreet abortions.

Urgent measures are needed to reduce the number of Mozambican women having backstreet abortions according to a recent seminar on the practice, the independent newspaper
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Counterfeit Colgate toothpaste withdrawn.

The Mozambican government has seized thousands of tubes of counterfeit toothpaste containing a potentially lethal chemical. The country-wide operation follows a ban on all sales of
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S. Egidio to open children’s HIV centre in Maputo.

The S. Egidio community is to expand its pioneering HIV/AIDS treatment programme DREAM (Drug Resource Enhancement against AIDS and Malnutrition) in Mozambique by creating a special centre in Maputo fo...
Maputo News

HIV in Maputo.

Just under a third of people who went for voluntary HIV testing in Maputo last year showed up positive according to the coordinator for the Maputo chapter of the national council for the fight against...
Maputo News

Maputo tops table for drug dependency.

Over 440 people in Maputo province, including Maputo city, were admitted to mental health structures in 2005 due to alcohol or drug-related problems, according to the latest ministry of health figures...


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