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Imperial Tiger Orchestra

7 October 2010. This concert is played by the Suisse band Imperial Tiger Orchestra, which performs its unique repertoire of Ethiopian music. This band performs pieces, which combine traditional and mo...
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Concert by Group Positivo

8 October 2010. The French-Mozambican Cultural Centre hosts the musical group Positivo, which uses music in the fight against AIDS discrimination in Mozambique and to promote the distribution of medic...
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Cycle of Conferences on Water at CCFM

14 October, 11 November, 14 December 2010. CCFM in collaboration with the French embassy in Maputo proposes a cycle of conferences, debates and film projections on the subject
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Sculpture and Painting Exhibition at CCFM

27 September-9 October 2010. This exhibition entitled Ordinary Materials for Extraordinary Lives features the sculptures by the Mozambican artist Gon
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29 September 2010. This informal encounter is dedicated to those passionate about photography. On display are photos taken by both professional photographers as well as by the students who have partic...
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Dockanema - Documentary film festival

10 - 19 September 2010. The fifth outing of the Dockanema film festival can be enjoyed for free at various locations throughout Mozambique. A broad selection of films and documentaries are on offer as...
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Flea Market at Matola Curvas

7 Aug 2010. Food, drink, music and a children
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Mafalala blues by Camila de Sousa

16 July-12 Aug 2010. Photographs and an installation by Mozambican artist Camila de Sousa shed light on the mythical neighbourhood of Mafalala, one of the oldest informal settlements in Maputo. Bui...
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Tunduro international festival of the arts

27-29 Aug 2010. This new international multi-disciplinary arts festival in Maputo features live music, art, street performances, food and arts and crafts. The programme includes performances by Aly Ke...
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Outras Coisas: Collective exhibition of Sculpture and Installation

22 July - 24 September 2010. Exploring the juxtaposition of mismatched subject matter and the ensuing artistic confusion that this creates for the viewer, this group exhibition includes the work of ar...
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Sofoto photography presentation in Maputo

30 June 2010. This is the sixth appointment in a series of monthly presentations launched by the French-Mozambican Cultural Centre (CCFM) in November 2009 as a platform for photographers to show their...
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José Norberto exhibition

17-30 June 2010. Exhibition of paintings by Mozambican artist Jos
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Ça Cartonne paper recycling exhibition

15 June-2 July 2010. Artworks made from paper and cardboard by Henriette Njami encourage the viewer to reflect on the importance of recycling.
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Maputo International Fair 2010

30 Aug-5 Sept 2010. The 46th edition of the Maputo International Trade Fair (Facim) brings together local and international businesses especially from the southern African region to present and promot...
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Ricardo Rangel retrospective

10 June-15 July 2010. Revisitar Ricardo Rangel pays tribute to the late photographer Ricardo Rangel, one of the most important figures on the social, cultural and political scene in Mozambique in the...
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Matias Ntundo exhibition at Fortaleza

9-29 June 2010. Exhibition of woodcut prints by the Makonde artist Matias Ntundo, who hails from Mueda in northeastern Mozambique. Born in 1948, Ntundo began his career as a sculptor before turning...
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Urban Angels by José Cabral

18 May-3 June 2010. Anjos Urbanos is the title of a solo show by Mozambican photographer Jos
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Cita Vissers photo exhibition

11 May-4 June 2010. The history of Maputo is the subject of a photographic exhibition by the Maputo-based painter and photographer Cita Vissers. She is the author of the photographic book Entre Mar e...
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Craft fair at Escola Emanuel

8 May 2010. Emanuel kindergarten in Matola hosts a morning craft fair with fresh flowers, a tea garden, stalls selling curry, pickles, hotdogs, pancakes and other foods and fun and games for the child...
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Inhambane African Film Festival

14-16 May 2010. Cine-Teatro Tofo in Inhambane province hosts a festival of African cinema over three days. The programme includes Terra Son


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