The renowned Asni gallery run by Konjit Seyoum in Arat Kilo has opened a branch in the Bole district in the southeastern part of the capital, reports. The new branch is located in Room 218 on the second floor of the Getu Commercial Centre at Bole Olympia opposite the New York Cafe. Opening times are Monday-Friday 13.00-21.00, Saturday 10.00-21.00, Sunday 14.00-21.00.

The same source announces the closure of another institution of contemporary art in the Ethiopian capital, Lela Gallery on Jimma Road in southwest Addis Ababa, for reasons that are not clear. However, owner Lilly Sahle and curator Leo Lefort reportedly say they will be back, although no date has been given for the reopening.

Established in 1996, the Asni Gallery promotes the work of young and established painters, sculptors, photographers, land artists, graphic artists and installation artists with an emphasis on emotional, social and environmental themes. Lela gallery opened more recently, in April 2007.