Kenyan University inaugurates Arusha Campus

The Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology has officially launched its Arusha Centre at the beginning of July 2012.

Short Executive Courses for executives and senior officers in government and private organizations will start soon. Some post graduate programmes, scheduled for January 2013, will include MSC and MBA programs in Human Resources, Entrepreneurship, Procurement and Supply Management and Information Technology.

The first group of 44 students was enrolled in July 2011 for a Diploma Certificate in Human Resource Management, Information Technology, Public Relations and Community Development. They also received a certificate in Communication Skills in English and Business Management.

The Arusha Centre director. Professor Ward J. Mavura, confirms that for the first time in history a public Kenyan university has opened a campus in Tanzania in order to offer its students a higher education as well as a quality training in research and innovation and a future employment.

Arusha was chosen for its proximity to Nairobi, where the main campus is based, as well as for its internationality and accessibility from all around the world.