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Nairobi election for mayor

Local elections are taking place across Kenya in the last vote before the new devolved system of government outlined by the 2010 constitution becomes operative next year. The minister for local govern...
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New head for Nairobi United Nations offices

The United Nations has appointed Ms Sahlework Zewde from Ethiopia to head the United Nations office in Nairobi with the high rank of under-secretary general. She has been appointed directly by the sec...
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Odinga’s Ivory Coast talks fail

After visiting Ivory Coast for mediation talks to try and resolve the country's deepening crisis, Kenyan prime minister Raila Odinga has said that he made no breakthrough in the political stalemate be...
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Kenyan government agrees terms for ICC office in Nairobi

The Kenyan government has now signed the terms of agreement with the International Criminal Court (ICC) for setting up its office in Nairobi to look into the post-election violence that left about 1,5...
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Commonwealth summit in Nairobi

10 - 19 September 2010. Nairobi is hosting the 56th plenary conference of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) at the Kenyatta international conference centre. Between 800 and 1,000 de...
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Kenya government divided on Al-Bashir invitation

In the wake of what was expected to be a triumphant ceremony for the signing of the new constitution in Nairobi on 27 August the Kenyan government is having to defend itself from questions and protest...
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Signing Kenya’s new constitution

The signing ceremony for Kenya
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Kenyans back new constitution

Kenyans voted by 6,016,550 votes to 2,712,952, or 68.9 per cent to 31.1 per cent, in favour of the new constitution in the 4 August referendum according to official results from 206 out of 210 constit...
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Polling peaceful in Kenya referendum

Vote counting is underway at polling stations across Kenya following the referendum on the new draft constitution, which surveys suggest will be approved. Despite reports of tension in the run-up t...
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Kenya prepares to vote on new constitution

On 4 August Kenyans are called to take part in a referendum on a proposed new constitution that has divided politicians and the country. 12.4 million Kenyans out of a total population of around 40...
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US in Kenya constitution controversy

United States ambassador to Kenya Michael Ranneberger has come under fire from opponents of the new draft constitution for allegedly taking sides in favour of the
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Kenya MPs desert parliament over pay rise

Parliamentary activity ground to a halt on 14 July after MPs failed to show up for business in support of their demand for a controversial pay rise that is opposed by most ordinary Kenyans, the Daily...
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Kenya politicians in court over constitution hate speech

Three Kenyan members of parliament (MPs) have appeared in court on charges of inciting hatred during campaigning against the proposed new constitution, which will be put to a referendum on 4 August....
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Five die in Kenya constitution rally stampede

Five people died and dozens more were injured on 13 June in a stampede triggered by two explosions during a rally against Kenya
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Kenya judges rule against Kadhi courts

The campaign for the referendum on the new draft constitution in Kenya is taking on religious connotations after the high court ruled that Islamic courts known as Kadhi are unconstitutional. The panel...


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