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Kenya constitutional referendum on 4 August

On 4 August Kenyans are called to take part in a referendum on the new draft constitution, which was approved by parliament in April. On that day, eligible voters will be asked to answer the question
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Kenya churches oppose new draft constitution

Church leaders in Kenya are presenting a united front against the new draft constitution, which was approved by parliament in April and is to be put to a popular referendum later this year. Leader...
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Kenya to abolish EAC work permits

Kenya is taking steps to abolish work permit requirements for people from other East African Community (EAC) member states who wish to work in the country. Currently only citizens of Rwanda are exempt...
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ICC approves investigation into Kenya election violence

The International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague has given the go-ahead for a formal investigation into the violence that followed Kenya
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Kenya cabinet crisis

The Kenyan government of national unity is in the grips of another crisis after president Mwai Kibaki of the Party of National Unity (PNU) overruled a decision by prime minister Raila Odinga of Orange...
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Kenya prime minister position to be abolished

Members of parliament working on a new draft constitution for Kenya have agreed to abolish the position of prime minister in favour of an executive president checked by a strengthened parliament and j...
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Constitutional reform in Kenya

Kenyans are debating a new draft constitution presented to the public on 17 November. They have until 17 December to put their views to the committee of experts responsible for preparing the draft, wh...
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Kenya Speaker Marende to chair house business committee.

As political tension rises again in Kenya the parliamentary speaker Kenneth Marende has decided to chair the house business committee (HBC) on an interim basis. The decision comes after prime minist...
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Two Kenyan ministers resign.

Two cabinet members have resigned in the space of less than 24 hours, highlighting the growing tensions within the government of national unity. Martha Karua quit her post as justice minister on 6 Ap...
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Letter from Nairobi: Obamamania grips Kenya ahead of inauguration.

A tourist visiting Nairobi and Kisumu for the first time might be forgiven for thinking that Barack Obama was the president of Kenya, judging by the popularity of his T-shirts, posters and the extensi...
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Kenya investigates illicit maize trade claims.

The Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission and other government agencies have been ordered to investigate allegations of an illegal trade in maize in the latest scandal to rock Kenya
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Crisis in DRC: peace talks resume in Nairobi.

Talks to end the long-running conflict in the eastern North Kivu region of Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have resumed in Nairobi ahead of a meeting of regional heads of state scheduled for later...
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Crisis in DRC: UN

The United Nations has accused the governments of Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo of directly helping warring factions in the eastern North Kivu district, where an unknown number of people hav...
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Kenya celebrates Obama victory.

Kenyans have reacted with song and dance to the victory of Democratic senator for Illinois Barack Obama in the race for the White House. Supporters across the country took to the streets in jubilation...
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Kenya counts down to the US elections.

There are no prizes for guessing who Kenyans are backing in the United States presidential elections on 4 November. Support for the junior senator from Illinois and Democratic candidate Barack Obama,...
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Anti-corruption tsar Githongo calls for amnesty.

The one-time head of the Kenya anti-corruption commission John Githongo has called for an amnesty for high-level corruption suspects on condition of full confession and the voluntary surrender of stol...
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New finance minister appointed.

Environment minister John Michuki has been named as acting finance minister following the resignation of Amos Kimunya over the sale of Nairobi
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Finance minister resigns over Grand Regency sale.

The fate of Nairobi's most expensive hotel, the Grand Regency, hangs in the balance after the resignation of finance minister Amos Kimunya of President Mwai Kibaki


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