Wednesday, 14 April 2021
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Addis Ababa News

Ethiopia Commodities Exchange expands.

The Ethiopia Commodity Exchange (ECX) has announced plans to introduce 5,000 information kiosks across the country over the next five years in its bid to improve the market environment for local farme...
Nairobi News

Dormans coffee to expand.

Dormans coffee has announced plans to expand its presence in Kenya. The company, one of the leading coffee roasters and exporters in east Africa, currently operates ten coffee shops in Nairobi and one...
Nairobi News

Meat shortage looms in Nairobi.

Nairobians could be facing a meat shortage following the ordered closure of five private slaughterhouses in the capital due to non-compliance with environmental regulations. The order affects Dagorett...
Arusha News

Nane Nane show in Arusha.

Over 220 large and small-scale businesses will take part in the annual Nane Nane agricultural and livestock products and services show in Arusha from 1-8 August. The majority of participants will be f...
Maputo News

Government approves biofuel project.

The government has given its backing to a $280 million project to produce ethanol from sugar cane. The initiative involves the cultivation of approximately 18,000 hectares of land in the Dombe municip...
Arusha News

Project for Arusha flower farmers.

Flower farmers in northern Tanzania are set to benefit from a project to improve the transportation of horticultural products to international markets. Supported by the United States agency for intern...
Maputo News

New biofuel plant in Mozambique.

Biofuels production in Mozambique could soon get a boost thanks to a project for the creation of a new agro-industrial complex in Manhi
Addis Ababa News

Ethiopia Commodity Exchange sells to WFP.

The recently opened Ethiopia Commodity Exchange (ECX) has completed its first sale to the United Nations
Addis Ababa News

Wine production in Ethiopia.

Leading French beverages company Groupe Castel is to begin producing wine in Ethiopia,
Cairo News

Egypt tackles food crisis.

The government has suspended rice exports from April for six months in a bid to mitigate growing public discontent over rising food prices.
Maputo News

Price of bread to rise.

The price of bread is to rise by 50 centavos across the country as of 1 February, the Mozambican bakers


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