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  • Lagos whatson
    16/09/2015 - Leisure
    Comic Con returns to Lagos 18-19 Sept. One of the most important meetings of comics’ creatives, executives, promoters and end users in sub-Sahara Africa. Lectures, seminars a...
  • Cape Town whatson
    16/09/2015 - Sport
    The annual Sanlam marathon has two main races, the 42.2km or the 10-km, with various other options for the less serious runners on 19 Sept. It is a flat and fast course and is a qu...
  • Accra whatson
    16/09/2015 - Food
    An occasion for Ghana’s restaurants, hotels and food companies to showcase the diversity of their cuisine and culture. The event is organised in conjunction with the Alliance...
  • Nairobi whatson
    14/09/2015 - Literature
    Storymoja is the most influential festival of creative writing in East Africa. From the 300 participants it attracted in 2007 it is now one of the most prestigious events for the b...

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  • Cairo news
    12/09/2015 - Politics
    Move follows arrest of agriculture minister amid corruption enquiry. Egypt’s prime minister Ibrahim Mahlab and his cabinet resigned on 12 September, days after the country...
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