Friday, 24 September 2021
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Dar Es Salaam News

New budget flights from Dar es Salaam to Johannesburg

African budget carrier FastJet is to offer low-cost flights between Dar es Salaam and Johannesburg in South Africa from 27  September. The airline will offer four weekly flights and the first...
Dar Es Salaam News

Dar es Salaam to boost railway services

The Tanzanian government has unveiled major plans to invest in the rail network in the Dar es Salaam region. As part of its Sh137.6bn investment in Tanzania Railway Limited (TRL) over the 2013/14 f...
Dar Es Salaam News

China invests in major new Tanzanian port

Tanzania had signed a deal with China Merchants Holdings International for the construction of a major new port in Bagamoyo, located 75km northwest of Dar es Salaam. The development will also inclu...
Dar Es Salaam News

Dar es Salaam counts over 5,000 homeless children

The Dar es Salaam region had a total of 5,580 children living and working on the streets as of June 2012, according to research conducted by the country’s health ministry in collaboration with t...
Dar Es Salaam News

Dar es Salaam Charity Goat Races

The 13th edition of Dar es Salaam's Charity Goat Races takes place at midday on 1 June at the Green alongside Kenyatta Drive, to raise funds for local charitable organisations. The nine charities t...
Dar Es Salaam News

Dar es Salaam to poison Indian House Crows

People in Dar es Salaam have been advised to avoid Indian House Crows as the city undertakes its latest attempt to eradicate the growing number of birds. The crows are being killed with food laced...
Dar Es Salaam News

Third terminal at Dar es Salaam airport

The Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority has awarded the contract for a third terminal at Dar es Salaam's Julius Nyerere international airport to the Royal BAM Group of Holland’s BAM International....
Dar Es Salaam News

Tanzania calls for desalinisation investment for Dar es Salaam

The Tanzanian government has called on investors to assist with its plan to purify sea water from the Indian Ocean, converting it into drinking water for residents of Dar es Salaam. The government...
Dar Es Salaam News

Building collapses in Dar es Salaam

A 16-storey building collapsed on Indira Gandhi Street in central Dar es Salaam on the morning of 29 March, trapping dozens of people under the rubble. There are conflicting reports about the numbe...
Dar Es Salaam News

Arty facelift to boost Dar es Salaam tourism

Dar es Salaam authorities are continuing in their efforts to beautify the city and turn it into a major tourist destination. Central to the campaign has been the installation of works of art in str...
Dar Es Salaam News

British Airways to pull out of Dar es Salaam

British Airways (BA) has announced that it is to cease operating its direct flights between London Heathrow and Dar es Salaam from 31 March. The airline said it is suspending the service, which cur...
Dar Es Salaam News

Revenue surges at Dar es Salaam port after investigations

The Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA) has seen a surge in revenue at the port of Dar es Salaam, from $18 million in November to $31 million in December, following the suspension of 16 port officers accus...
Dar Es Salaam News

Dar es Salaam bus owners fined for fare hikes

The operators of 13 buses and minibuses in Dar es Salaam have been fined for over-charging customers following a largescale operation by the Surface and Marine Transport Regulatory Authority (SUMATRA)...
Dar Es Salaam News

Major ivory seizure in Dar es Salaam

Police in Dar es Salaam have seized more than 200 elephant tusks hidden in a coffin and in fertiliser bags, in what is one of the nation's biggest seizures of ivory in recent history. Highlighting...
Dar Es Salaam News

Dar es Salaam launches first commuter trains

The inaugural commuter train service in Dar es Salaam has been launched as part of the first phase of a government scheme to improve the city's transport network and to decrease its congested streets....
Dar Es Salaam News

Expansion of Aga Khan Hospital in Dar es Salaam

The Aga Khan Hospital in Dar es Salaam has embarked on a major expansion programme to offer high-quality medical care and increase its capacity as a teaching institute within the Aga Khan Development...
Dar Es Salaam News

Evictions in Dar es Salaam

Over 100 makeshift dwellings have been demolished along the Msimbazi riverbanks in the Kinondoni Hananasif central-west suburbs of Dar es Salaam. The evictions have been undertaken to remove people...
Dar Es Salaam News

Dar es Salaam hosts charity marathon

The Dar es Salaam branch of Rotary International is holding the 2012 Marathon & Charity Walk on 14 October as part of its fundraising campaign to help local children fight cancer. A similar eve...
Dar Es Salaam News

Dar es Salaam poisons crows

Dar es Salaam has begun a renewed poisoning campaign in an attempt to eradicate the Indian House Crow, also known as the Colombo Crow, killing thousands of the birds resident mainly along the city's c...
Dar Es Salaam News

Dar es Salaam commuter rail service stalled

The Dar es Salaam commuter railway services, originally scheduled to open in October, now look as though they might not be launched until a later date. The transport minister Harrison Mwakyembe has...


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