Thursday, 23 September 2021
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Lagos enforces ban on street selling

Lagos governor gets tough with hawkers. A ltittle-used ban against selling, or hawking, on the streets of Lagos is now being enforced as part of a crackdown by the Lagos governor Akinwunmi Ambode....
Lagos News

Lagos lifts hijab ban in schools

Lagos court overturns school hijab ban on religious grounds. The Lagos appeal court has overturned a ban on female Muslim students wearing the hijab headscarf at government schools in Lagos state,...
Lagos News

Lagos river “solidifies” with vegetation

Lagos government warns residents not to walk over Ogun River. The Lagos state government has warned residents to stay away from the Ogun river which has “solidified” after being clogged with thick...
Lagos News

Lagos to make Yoruba compulsory in schools

All public schools in Lagos to teach Yoruba language. The teaching of the Yoruba language could soon be compulsory in all public primary and secondary schools across Lagos, according to a proposal...
Lagos News

Landmark floating school in Lagos collapses

Residents of Lagos slum vow to rebuild floating school. A floating three-storey school in the Lagos waterfront shantytown Makoko has collapsed during heavy rains, despite being built to withstand s...
Lagos News

Water kiosks in Lagos

Potable water kiosk system to offset reduced supply. Lagos is introducing a water distribution kiosk system across the state to offset a shortfall in water supply as it works to improve connectivit...
Lagos News

Lagos to build Fourth Mainland Bridge

Consortium signs deal for 38-km eight-lane Lagos bridge. A consortium of Nigerian and international investors has signed a deal with the Lagos state government to finance the construction of the Fo...
Lagos News

Nigeria uncovers 43,000 non-existent workers on military payroll

Audit reveals large-scale fraud in Nigerian military sector. Nigeria has discovered 43,000 "ghost workers" among its security forces following an audit into the payroll of government ministries, de...
Lagos News

Lagos to upgrade Badagry Museum

Renovation of Badary Museum ahead of Lagos state's 50th anniversary. The Lagos state government has unveiled plans to updgrade the Badagry Heritage Museum in an effort to boost tourism. The muse...
Lagos News

Crude oil production starts in Lagos

Lagos offshore field becomes Nigeria's first oil ouput outside Niger Delta. Nigerian firm Yinka Folawiyo Petroleum (YFP) has begun crude oil production from the offshore Aje field located 24km off...
Lagos News

Lagos gets tough with beggars

Lagos issues ultimatum to beggars amid anti-begging campaign. The Lagos state government is warning beggars to leave Lagos within three months or face "drastic action", amid an official campaign ad...
Lagos News

Traders oppose upgrade of Lagos market

Lagos traders ask state to halt planned demolition of Iyana Ipaja market. Traders in the north Lagos suburb Iyana Ipaja have appealed to the state government to block the local council's plan to de...
Lagos News

Lagos hit by Lassa fever

Lassa claims second Lagos casualty. Lagos has been hit by an outbreak of Lassa fever, a virus transmitted to humans through rats, claiming its second victim. The city currently has some 20 suspe...
Lagos News

Boko Haram kill 86 in northern Nigeria

Boko Haram militants burn children alive in village attack. At least 86 people were killed in a series of gun and bomb attacks in the village of Dalori in Nigeria's north-eastern state Borno on the...
Lagos News

Nigerian army kills Biafra campaigners

Five pro-Biafra supporters killed celebrating leader's release. Nigerian security forces killed five pro-Biafra campaigners as they celebrated the release of their leader Nnamdi Kanu in the souther...
Lagos News

Nigeria under attack for Shiite killings in Zaria

Amnesty International and US call for investigation into Zaria killings. The United States and Amnesty International are calling for an investigation of what has been defined as a “substantial loss...
Lagos News

Nigeria's former security adviser arrested

Corruption blamed for weak response to Boko Haram insurgency. An investigation is underway after the Nigerian government arrested its former national security adviser for his alleged misappropriati...
Lagos News

Nigerian cabinet sworn in

Buhari appoints cabinet seven months after election. Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) party swore in a cabinet on 11 November, more than seven month...
Lagos News

Nigeria rescues 178 hostages from Boko Haram

Rescue follows mlitary shake-up mid July The Nigerian army says it has rescued 178 people from the Islamist militants Boko Haram in the country's northern Borno state, according to a statement rele...
Lagos News

Nigeria's president Buhari cleans up military

New military heads announced After the sacking of the chiefs of the army, navy and airforce Nigeria's president Muhammadu Buhari has nominated the new chief of the defence staff as Major General Ab...


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