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Kenya crisis: healing

The following reflections are from Catherine Mujomba, the administrative director of the GoDown, a centre for the visual and performing arts in Nairobi
Nairobi News

Kenya’s ballots printed in the UK.

Smith and Ouzman Ltd, the UK-based security and commercial printing house that produced the ballot papers for the 27 December local government and general elections in Kenya, has declined to comment o...
Nairobi News

Kofi Annan to help mediation in Kenya.

International efforts to resolve the political impasse caused by the disputed presidential elections of 27 December have suffered a major setback following the collapse of talks between Ghanaian presi...
Nairobi News

Kibake cabinet appointments cause tension.

Tension returned to some parts of Nairobi on 8 January following the surprise announcement by incumbent president Mwai Kibaki of part of his new cabinet. Local news sources say that riots broke out in...
Maputo News

Voters register in Mozambique.

Eligible voters in Mozambique now have until 15 March to get their name on the electoral roll in readiness for upcoming local government, provincial and general elections. Voter registration was ori...
Nairobi News

Kenya crisis: the view from Tanzania.

The following report from Russell Gale, who works for Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) in Tanzania, describes not only some of the hardship in Kenya but also the knock-on effect the crisis is having...
Nairobi News

Kibaki convenes parliament and announces partial cabinet.

Incumbent president Mwai Kibaki has convened newly-elected members of parliament for the opening of the new legislature on 15 January at 14.30 local time. On that occasion the speaker and deputy speak...
Nairobi News

Death toll in post-election violence rises.

Residents of Kibera and Mathare slums in the capital of Nairobi are among the recipients of emergency food aid being delivered by the United Nation
Nairobi News

Uneasy calm in Kenya as diplomacy continues.

International pressure by the United States, United Kingdom, Germany and South Africa among other countries has led to an uneasy calm for the past three days, especially in Nairobi. The diplomatic eff...
Nairobi News

Death toll rises to over 350.

Over 350 Kenyans have died in the violence that has swept the country since the disputed presidential, parliamentary and local government elections of 27 December according to a tally kept by the news...
Cape Town News

Zuma faces new charges.

The newly-elected president of South Africa
Nairobi News

Nairobi: "We don't want to be refugees".

In Nairobi 4 January marked a return to a semblance of normality after the violence and tension sparked by the disputed presidential elections of 27 December. However, all is still not well in the r...
Nairobi News

Nairobi calm as new demonstration fails.

There is relative calm in Nairobi despite calls by the opposition party Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) for a re-run on 4 January of the aborted protest rally of the previous day against the outcome...
Nairobi News

Kenyan elections: opposition suspends rally in Nairobi.

The opposition party Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) has suspended the rally organised for 3 January in Nairobi
Nairobi News

Post-election violence: the situation in Nairobi.

The situation in Nairobi and other parts of the country is volatile, with local and international religious and other leaders calling on president Mwai Kibaki and opposition party Orange Democratic Mo...
Nairobi News

Kenyan elections: blame-game begins as violence continues.

The blame-game in Kenya has just begun over who is responsible for the mess in the contested presidential election, which has led to civil unrest, the death of over 200 people and the displacement of...
Nairobi News

Kenyan elections: Nairobi readies for ODM demonstration on 3 January.

Calm has reportedly returned to Nairobi following the looting, riots and killings triggered by the contested re-election of president Mwai Kibaki on 27 December. Roads throughout the city, including...
Nairobi News

Kenyan elections: deaths increase across country.

Up to 100 people are believed to have died across Kenya in violence sparked by the disputed presidential elections of 27 December. Over 40 people are reported to have been shot dead in the western tow...


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