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Kenyan elections: Kibaki declared president amid allegations of fraud.

The Electoral Commission of Kenya (ECK) has declared Mwai Kibaki of the Party of National Unity (PNU) the winner of the presidential elections of 27 December. Official results give the incumbent presi...
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Kenyan elections: partial results show ODM lead.

Tension is running high in Kenya pending the release of the final results of the presidential, parliamentary and local government elections on 27 December. Clashes are reported to have broken out in s...
Nairobi News

Kenyan elections: vote counting underway.

Vote counting is underway in Kenya following general and local government elections on 27 December. Preliminary results show that a number of government ministers including vice president Moody Awori...
Nairobi News

Kenyan elections: polling begins.

Polling is underway in Kenya, where 14.2 million eligible voters out of a total population of 37 million are choosing their next president, parliament and local government representatives. Polling sta...
Nairobi News

Kenyan elections: the countdown begins.

All eyes are on Kenya as 14.2 million voters out of a total population of 37 million prepare to go to the polls on 27 December to choose their next president and parliamentary and local government rep...
Cape Town News

Jacob Zuma president of the ANC.

Controversial figure Jacob Zuma is the new leader of the ruling African National Congress (ANC). South Africa
Nairobi News

Kenyan elections: millions spent on campaign advertising.

The biggest winners in the 27 December general and local government elections may not be the elected presidential, parliamentary and civic candidates but advertising and media firms. The three main p...
Nairobi News

Kenyan elections: women join campaign trail.

Politics used to be described as a man
Addis Ababa News

New British ambassador to Ethiopia.

Norman Ling has been appointed the new British ambassador to Ethiopia. He replaces Robert Dewar, who will take up the post of British High Commissioner in Nigeria. Ling comes to Ethiopia from a seni...
Nairobi News

Kenyan elections: election promises in Kenya.

With the Kenyan elections round the corner and the nine presidential candidates and 2,600 parliamentary candidates flooding the country with promises and funds, Kenyans may have no need to welcome San...
Nairobi News

Kenyan elections: propaganda hits the web.

Internet service providers in the Kenyan capital have sounded the alarm over the increase in spam and viruses carried by e-mail in the run-up to the general and local government elections on 27 Decemb...
Nairobi News

Who wants to be a millionaire?

If you want to be an instant millionaire in Nairobi, forget about gambling in the numerous casinos or buying the lottery; just go to the office of the registrar of societies in the attorney general
Nairobi News

Kenyan elections:

Four Kenyans of foreign descent have been nominated to contest the 27 December polls for the 210 seats in the Kenya National Assembly. Two have roots in Europe; they are Franco Esposito, who is orig...
Nairobi News

Kenyan elections: The cost of Kenyan democracy.

An assistant minister and some parliamentary candidates were among scores of people injured in Kenya during the chaotic and violent primaries conducted by some of the 140 registered political parties...
Nairobi News

Kenyan elections: Orange clothes warning.

Visitors to Nairobi be warned: Kenyans are bracing themselves for a gruelling general election and it may be advisable to keep off wearing orange clothes. Two of the leading parties are using the colo...
Nairobi News

Election violence in Kenya.

Tension is running high in Kenya ahead of general and local elections on 27 December, with two separate incidents of poll-related violence on 28 October. One man was killed when youths tried to preven...
Nairobi News

Majimbo plans cause concern.

There is disagreement in Kenya over plans by the main opposition parties to introduce a majimbo or federal system of government should they win the general elections later this year. The proponents of...
Nairobi News

Anti-corruption investigations go ahead.

President Mwai Kibaki of the Party of National Unity (PNU) has refused to sign into law a bill limiting the powers of the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission (KACC). Approved by parliament in mid Septemb...
Nairobi News

Odinga launches presidential campaign.

Raila Odinga, leader of the opposition party Orange Democratic Movement (ODM), has opened his campaign to succeed Mwai Kibaki as the fourth president of Kenya when the country goes to the polls in Dec...


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