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Nairobi News

Shuttle bus service to Nairobi National Park.

Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS) has introduced a shuttle bus service between the city centre and Nairobi National Park as part of efforts to promote domestic and foreign tourism in the country. The se...
Arusha News

Travellers philanthropy conference in Arusha.

Over 300 representatives of the tourism, environmental and development sectors are to gather in Arusha for the Travellers Philanthropy Conference from 3-5 December. The meeting will explore how touris...
Nairobi News

Kenya gives boost to tourism.

The Kenyan government has never been more serious about wooing foreign tourists than it is at present. The ministry of tourism has allocated KSh1 billion to marketing the east African country as the...
Nairobi News

Kenya world’s

Kenya is the most famous location for movie sets according to a report in the British Airways in-flight magazine
Arusha News

Arusha to get two new hotels.

Five-star accommodation in Arusha is about to get a boost with the planned opening of two major international hotels. Holiday Inn Arusha is to open on the site of the present Novotol Mount Meru earl...
Addis Ababa News

Sheraton Addis introduces movies-on-demand.

The five-star Sheraton Addis Ababa has introduced a movie-on-demand system for its guests. The service is available on over 300 newly purchased televisions and guests can choose from a selection of ei...
Accra News

Accra racecourse demolished.

Bulldozers have razed Accra racecourse near the international conference centre to make way for a luxury hotel, local news sources report. The dawn operation left several people living in the area wit...
Nairobi News

Kenya’s coast hotels reopen.

There is good news for Kenya
Arusha News

Moevenpick hotel to open in Arusha.

Tanzania is to get a new Moevenpick hotel under an agreement between the proprietor Taninvest Group and the international hotel management company based in Switzerland. Moevenpick already operates one...
Cape Town News

New hotel for Middle Eastern visitors.

An alcohol-free luxury hotel targeted at Middle Eastern visitors is under construction in central Cape Town. The 140-room five-star facility is being built in the BoKaap district, which was first se...
Maputo News

Tourism in Mozambique on the rise.

1,259,000 tourists visited Mozambique in 2007 according to ministry of tourism figures, representing a 21 per cent increase over the previous year. Accommodation capacity also increased by 8.2 per cen...
Arusha News

Karibu travel and tourism fair in Arusha.

The annual Karibu travel and tourism fair takes place in Arusha from 5-8 June. Jointly organised by the Tanzania Association of Tour Operators, the Tanzania tourist board and the ministry of natural r...
Nairobi News

Park entrance fee increase delayed.

Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS), which manages the country
Arusha News

African Travel Association congress.

The 33rd annual congress of the African Travel Association (ATA) will take place in Arusha from 19-23 May 2008. Over 500 representatives of the tourism and business communities will explore ways to de...
Nairobi News

Tourist sector counts cost of post-election violence.

Only 8,000 tourists travelled to Kenya
Maputo News

Chinese tourists target Mozambique.

Mozambique is now an official tourist destination for Chinese citizens. The new status paves the way not only for large groups of Chinese tourists to visit the country, but also for closer bilateral r...
Addis Ababa News

More hotels for Addis Ababa.

Addis Ababa is to get 50 new hotels to curb the alleged shortage of quality bed space in the capital, local business newspaper
Cape Town News

Cape Town tourist railway.

Visitors to Cape Town can enjoy a new tourism route based on rail travel that takes in some of the main attractions and sites to the south of the city centre. Introduced in April on a pilot basis, the...


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