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Nigerian elections: Contracts for voter registration decided

Nigeria is to spend $230 million on equipment to renew its electoral rolls. Elections were originally set for the end of January 2011 but because of the need to renew the voters
Lagos News

Lagos doctors’ strike continues

Doctors in federal run hospitals in Lagos joined their state colleagues in a three-day sympathy strike in the first week of November, bringing most of Lagos publicly run hospitals to a halt. The L...
Lagos News

2010 Lagos International Trade Fair

5 - 14 November 2010. With the theme Promoting Business Confidence to Enhance Recovery, the 2010 Lagos International Trade Fair is due to be launched by President Goodluck Jonathan. The fair is being...
Lagos News

Cecilia Ibru sentenced to prison

Cecilia Ibru, one of Nigeria
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Nigeria celebrates 50 years of independence

Nigeria celebrates the golden jubilee of its independence on 1 October with a series of events that include art exhibitions, plays, sporting activities and religious services. On 30 September, the eve...
Lagos News

Ages of Nigerian art at the Abuja Velodrome

The recently restructured Velodrome in Abuja is hosting a major exhibition which celebrates Nigeria's visual arts and is curated by artist Jerry Buhari of Ahmadu Bello university, Uwa Usen, national p...
Lagos News

Lagos government set to toll more roads

The ministry of works and infrastructure of the Lagos government is in talks with private investors regarding the development of new roads. A spokesperson from the ministry stated that in order for th...
Lagos News

Lagos selected for MTV Africa Music Awards

For the second time, Nigeria has been selected to host the 2010 MTV Africa Music Awards (MAMAs). This year's event takes place at the EKO Expo Hall in Lagos on 11 December and comes two years afte...
Lagos News

Crackdown on Okada motorbikes in Lagos

Lagos State government have issued a new law banning okada commercial motorcyclists from carrying pregnant women and children. From 1 September okadas are also banned from certain parts of the capital...
Lagos News

New Cargo Complex for Lagos Airport

A new cargo complex is to be built in Murtala Mohammed international airport in Lagos. In plans announced by the Nigerian Aviation Handling Company (NAHCO), the project will provide sufficient space w...
Lagos News

New Voter Register for 2011 Nigerian elections

Nigeria's Independent Electoral Commission has announced that, subject to government funding, a new voters' register could be established in time for the next general elections in January 2011. Ce...
Lagos News

Nigeria and China to build oil refineries

Nigeria and China are pursuing plans to build three oil refineries in Lagos, Kogi and Bayelsa states under a $23 billion provisional deal agreed in May. The start of construction is dependent on the c...
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Nigeria football ban sparks controversy

The International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA) has threatened to expel Nigeria from world football unless the country
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Lagos residents’ registration bill

Lagos state government is trying to introduce legislation providing for the registration of all people living in the state to help plan and implement development projects for the population. The s...
Lagos News

Goodluck Jonathan sworn in as Nigeria’s president

Goodluck Jonathan was sworn in as Nigeria
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Nigeria’s president Umaru Yar’Ardua dies

Nigeria has announced seven days of mourning after the death of its president Umaru Yar
Lagos News

NetworkNews24 launches in Lagos

Nigeria now has its own 24-hour news channel, taking to four the number of all-news services broadcasting in sub-Saharan Africa. The others are the state-owned Sabc News International and the privatel...
Lagos News

Tradesmen and artisan week in Lagos

Lagos state government has declared 12 and 13 May the first ever
Lagos News

Lagos port gets overhaul

Reconstruction and renewal is underway on facilities at the port of Lagos, which is one of the busiest and largest in Africa. The project involves repairing erosion to three breakwaters, or moles,...
Lagos News

Miss Wheelchair Nigeria

The Miss Wheelchair Nigeria competition, which is to be held for the first time this year, is designed to give a much-needed boost to the image of Nigerians with disabilities. The competition is open...
Lagos News

Body scanners at Nigerian airports

Nigeria has started installing full body scanners at its international airports as part of efforts to improve air security on international routes. The move comes after a Nigerian national, Umar Farou...


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