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Cape Town News

Police in Cape Town schools

Six schools in Cape Town are to have their own in-house police officers to oversee the safety of pupils and staff, as part of a pilot project scheduled to begin at the start of 2013. The first scho...
Dar Es Salaam News

Teachers divided over strike in Tanzania

Some of Tanzania's 200,000 primary and secondary school teachers began a strike for better working conditions on 30 July.  The striking teachers are demanding a more than 100 per cent increase...
Nairobi News

Suggestion boxes at Lagos schools

Suggestion boxes for children to report instances of abuse or harassment by parents, guardians, teachers and others have been introduced in all public secondary schools across Lagos State. The init...
Arusha News

Swahili teachers for work in Uganda

Dr Shukuru Kawambwa, the Tanzanian Minister of Education and Vacation Training, recently welcomed with enthusiasm the suggestion of their neighbouring country Uganda to import Swahili teachers from Ta...
Arusha News

Kenyan University inaugurates Arusha Campus

The Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology has officially launched its Arusha Centre at the beginning of July 2012. Short Executive Courses for executives and senior officers in gov...
Lagos News

Lagos University name change triggers protests

Students at the University of Lagos staged a two-day protest over a decision by Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan to rename the federal institution after a political prisoner who died in custod...
Accra News

More Ghanaians learning German

 An increasing amount of Ghanaians are learning the German language and embracing the country’s culture, according to Hanna Schlingman, head of the language department at the Goeth-Institut...
Addis Ababa News

UN opens library in Addis Ababa

The secretary-general of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon inaugurated a library in Addis Ababa on 31 January, as part of the UN scheme "Thank You Small Library" (TYSL). Located in Keykokeb primary s...
Nairobi News

Nairobi’s Hillcrest schools get new owners

The group of Hillcrest Schools in Karen has been bought by Ayisi Makatiani, managing partner of Fanisi Venture Capital, and Anthony Wahome of the Linksoft Group of companies. Both are millionaires who...
Accra News

Indian school going up outside Accra

An Indian steel manufacturing company based in Ghana is financing the construction of an international school in Tema, a port city situated some 25km south east of Accra. B5 Plus Ltd is spending $10 m...
Cairo News

American University in Cairo offers University of London courses

American University in Cairo offers University of London courses The American University in Cairo is to offer courses from the University of London's international programmes. The move is designed...
Addis Ababa News

Ethiopian government lifts ban on distance learning

The Ethiopian government has now lifted the ban it imposed without warning on distance learning at the end of August 2010. After extensive negotiations with 64 private organisations that offer dist...
Arusha News

Teachers protest in Arusha

Anti-riot police in Arusha were called out on 14 October to disperse primary school teachers protesting about the non-payment of their insurance claims. About 50 teachers demonstrated in the central C...
Addis Ababa News

Ethiopia introduces new education curriculum

Ethiopia's ministry of education is to introduce a new education curriculum for the current academic year. Costing the government approximately US$150 million, the curriculum is designed improve the q...
Addis Ababa News

Ethiopian cracks down on private higher education

The Ethiopia government has banned distance learning and has stopped private universities from granting degrees in law and education. Universities with off-campus learning schemes have been ordered to...
Maputo News

Germany Invests in Mozambique Education Sector

The Mozambican and German governments have signed an agreement which will see the German Development Bank (KFW) invest in Mozambique's education sector. Under the plans, the KFW will invest
Arusha News

Arusha lacks secondary school places

Secondary schools in Arusha are so short of places that about 7,000 children may be left out of the Form One intake in 2010. This is partly because of a lack of classrooms but also because a large...
Cairo News

Niqab ban upheld

A Cairo administrative court has upheld the decision of Egypt


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