Wednesday, 23 September 2020
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Addis Ababa News

Waste to energy plant for Addis Ababa

A 50 MW waste to energy plant is to be constructed in Addis Ababa following a deal between the state power utility company Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation (EEPCo) and UK-based waste to energy...
Cape Town News

Cape Town’s polluted air

The air of Cape Town is among the most polluted in South Africa, ranking alongside the coalfields of Witbank and Limpopo in the country's northern region. The findings were presented by experts at...
Lagos News

Satellite photo of Eko Atlantic in Lagos

The land reclaimed from the sea for the major Eko Atlantic development in Lagos can be seen in a photograph taken by a US satellite orbiting some 650 km above the Earth's atmosphere. The high-resol...
Arusha News

Lake Natron expects good year for flamingos

The area around Lake Natron in northern Tanzania is set to experience the most significant breeding season for flamingos since 2007, according to early reports by British scientists from the Universit...
Accra News

Accra hosts summit on coastal climate change

 The University of Ghana in Accra is holding a "High National Level Policy Dialogue on Coastal Climate Change Risks in Urban Areas" on 8 November. The conference will examine policies to deal...
Accra News

Accra to differentiate waste

Household refuse in Accra is to be differentiated to facilitate its recycling and correct disposal, according to plans drawn up by the ministry of local government and rural development in collabo...
Accra News

Rising seas erode Ghana’s coast

The Ghanaian government is taking measures to protect its coastal communities as well as preserve its $2.1 billion tourist sector from rising sea levels. The increasingly higher tides threaten Ghan...
Nairobi News

Climate Innovation Center opens in Nairobi

The Kenya Climate Innovation Center (CIC), a new business hub to advance African climate technology businesses, has been established in Nairobi. The cutting-edge facility will provide advice and fi...
Cape Town News

Oil spill in Cape Town

Oil leaking from a Turkish bulk carrier that ran aground three years ago off the coast of Cape Town has led to the closure of beaches at Table View, Reitvlei and Dolphin Beach. It is believed that...
Maputo News

Ireland funds climate change action in Mozambique

Ireland is to provide €5m to assist the Mozambican government in minimising the adverse effects of climate change over the coming years. The agreement was signed in Maputo on 7 May by represen...
Nairobi News

Nairobi’s Ruai dump site opposed

The Kenyan ministry of local government has requested that Nairobi's city council source an alternative site for waste disposal, following opposition to a dump site in Ruai as proposed by the independ...
Dar Es Salaam News

Increased water supply for Dar es Salaam

The Tanzanian government has allocated some 653bn/- to boost water supply to Dar es Salaam by 2013. The deputy minister for water Gerson Lwenge said that the government was implementing a programme...
Maputo News

Mozambique and Tanzania sign forest agreement

Mozambique and Tanzania have signed an agreement to work together to improve the management of their forests and conservation areas. The deal between the National Directorate of Land and Forests of...
Nairobi News

E-waste recycling centre launched in Nairobi

An electronic waste recycling centre has been launched in Nairobi as part of efforts to deal with the problem of disposing of toxic computers and printers and other e-waste material and to raise aware...
Lagos News

Lagos to generate gas from dumps

The Lagos state government is to begin the first phase of its Landfill Gas Recovery and Utilisation project in the coming months, as part of its plans to turn domestic waste into a steady electricity...
Cape Town News

Cape Town recycling statue

An enormous sculpture of a man, constructed out of 4,200 empty Coca-Cola crates, has appeared at Cape Town
Nairobi News

Rare pygmy hippo dies in Nairobi safari park

A rare pygmy hippo has died in Nairobi
Arusha News

Joint anti-poaching policies in eastern and southern Africa

Coordinated policies to combat poaching and the rise in the illegal trade of wildlife have been drawn up for eastern and southern African countries. The plans were announced by Tanzanian minister o...
Cape Town News

Cape Town Bike festival cancelled

The Cape Town Bike Festival (CTBF), scheduled to take place at the Cape Town Stadium from 16-18 December, has been cancelled due insufficient sponsorship and poor ticket sales. The CTBF
Cape Town News

Cape Town’s Table Mountain among

Table Mountain was listed among the Seven Wonders of the World by the Swiss-based New7Wonders Foundation on 11 November. The win was the result of a global competition in which hundreds of millions of...


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