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Accra Set to Become Cleanest City in Africa

One of the aims of Nana Akufo-Addo’s administration is to overtake current cleanest urbanities Cape Town and Kigali to become the cleanest city on the African continent. The World Bank has pledged $57...
Accra News

Authorities demolish Accra slum to prevent floods

Police use tear-gas against protesting residents of Agbogbloshie City authorities have levelled hundreds of homes and businesses in Accra's Agbogbloshie, a slum district built on a former wetland....
Accra News

Accra installs rubbish bins

Pilot scheme part of national environmental campaign Rubbish bins have been installed along the Starlets 91 Road and the National Theatre Road in downtown Accra as part of the government's efforts...
Accra News

Three days of mourning in Ghana for fire victims

150 people killed by Accra petrol station fire and floods. Ghana will hold three days of mourning for the dozens of victims of a massive explosion at a petrol station in Accra on the night of 3 Jun...
Accra News

Differentiation of waste in Accra

First phase of nationwide programme introduced in capital A nationwide waste differentiation programme was launched in Accra on 22 November, with the support of the environment ministry and the Env...
Accra News

Accra exports rubbish to Asia

Accra has started to export rubbish to China and Malaysia in a bid to manage its refuse more effectively. Most of the exported raw waste sent from the Accra Compost and Recycling Plant Ltd in the A...
Accra News

Accra hosts summit on coastal climate change

 The University of Ghana in Accra is holding a "High National Level Policy Dialogue on Coastal Climate Change Risks in Urban Areas" on 8 November. The conference will examine policies to deal...
Accra News

Accra to differentiate waste

Household refuse in Accra is to be differentiated to facilitate its recycling and correct disposal, according to plans drawn up by the ministry of local government and rural development in collabo...
Accra News

Rising seas erode Ghana’s coast

The Ghanaian government is taking measures to protect its coastal communities as well as preserve its $2.1 billion tourist sector from rising sea levels. The increasingly higher tides threaten Ghan...
Accra News

India to supply Ghana with waste management facilities

India is to donate $10 million worth of waste management equipment to authorities in Ghana to deal with mounting waste and poor sanitary conditions in Accra and other urban areas. A range of machi...
Accra News

Experimental bio-diesel refinery for Accra

An experimental project aimed at converting human waste into biodiesel or methane gas is to be tested in Accra. With the help of a $1.5 million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, an envir...
Accra News

Tree planting in Accra

The MTN Ghana Foundation, supported by global telecommunications company MTN, is planting 9,000 tree seedlings in Ghana as part of its 21 Days of Y'ello Care programme, from 1-25 June. The 9,000 t...
Accra News

Ghana urged to Stop Mining in Forest Reserves

The Green Earth Organization (GEO) has urged Ghana's government to stop all mineral extraction in the country's forest reserves in order to manage the natural resources and keep intact the livelihood...
Accra News

New park for Ghana around Korle Lagoon

The Ghana Wildlife Society had announced that it intends to build a second park in Accra in the Korle Lagoon restoration area. It will take about five years to complete the project before it can b...
Accra News

Accra bans bucket latrines

The Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) has banned the use of pan, or bucket, latrines in the capital in compliance with a 2008 supreme court ruling that pan latrines be outlawed in Accra by 1 January 2...
Accra News

Ghana Innovations Marketplace 2009

Ghanaians are being asked to come up with innovative solutions for managing solid urban waste under a competition sponsored by the World Bank. Ghana Innovations Marketplace (GIM) 2009 aims to attr...
Accra News

Accra Climate Change Talks 2008.

The Accra Climate Change Talks are being held in the Ghanaian capital from 21-27 August. The meeting is part of ongoing negotiations taking place under the United Nations Framework Convention on Clima...
Accra News

Project to help Ghana’s wood carvers.

The West Africa regional programme office of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) has launched a project to assist the growing number of woodcarvers in Ghana who are unable to access their traditional...


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