Tuesday, 26 October 2021
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Energy-saving light bulbs for Ghana.

One million energy-saving light bulbs have arrived in Ghana as part of efforts to mitigate the serious energy crisis in the country. The compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), which consume approximately s...
Accra News

Seasonal rains arrive in Accra.

The start of the rainy season in the capital has been accompanied by flash floods and damage to property caused by heavy rainfall and blocked drains. Traders at the newly opened Pedestrian Shopping Ma...
Accra News

Trees in Ghana: Greening Ghana Initiative.

Every last Saturday of the month until December 2007 is to be devoted to tree-planting in Ghana in an attempt to restore the depleted forest cover in the country. On these days local community groups...
Accra News

Clean-up exercise in Accra announced.

The Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) has earmarked Saturday 20 January as a clean-up day in the capital as part of preparations for the 50th anniversary of Ghanaian independence in March. The authori...
Accra News

Environmental clean-up days.

1 April, 3 June, 5 August, 7 October and 2 December have been designated as environmental clean-up days in Accra as part of efforts by the local authorities to improve conditions in the capital. All r...
Accra News

Africa Environment Day.

In Ghana Africa Environment Day on 3 March will have the theme Zero Littering - The Way to Healthy Living. As part of activities to mark the annual event representatives of the environment ministry w...
Accra News

New road sweepers introduced.

Two new road sweepers are operating on selected roads in Accra as part of a pilot project to improve the cleanliness of streets in the capital. The special sweepers, owned and managed by Zoomlion Wast...
Accra News

City prepares for solar eclipse.

Residents of Accra are in a good position to view the total eclipse of the sun which will be visible in some parts of Africa on 29 March. First contact will begin at just after 08.00 GMT and end two a...


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