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21 Oct-7 Nov 2009. This exhibition brings together the colourful images taken by the Spanish photographer Angel Luis Aldai during his last journey through west Africa. His photographs explore the role...
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Ignore by Agorsor.

20 Sept-10 Oct 2009. This exhibition displays work by the renowned painter and musician Agorsor. His style has been described by critics as
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Accra to Maputo photo exhibition at the Goethe-Institut

22 Sept-2 Oct 2009. The Goethe-Institut celebrates the award-winning photography of Kwabena Danso (a.k.a. JaHWi) with an exhibition of his work. Danso
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Marigold Akufo-Addo talk.

24 July 2009. Internationally acclaimed Ghanaian artist Marigold Akufo-Addo discusses her work as part of the
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Print-WEAR/ArtHAUS exhibition.

8-18 Sept 2009. Prints made during the PRINT-WEAR workshop in June 2009 are on display at the Goethe Institut in Accra. The workshop was part of the [ex]-PRESS-[sions] with [im]-PRESS-[sions] project...
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Jean Rouch photography exhibition.

22-30 June 2009. Photographs of Africa by the late French filmmaker and anthropologist Jean Rouch (1917-2004) draw attention to a lesser-known aspect of his work. Rouche began his career in Africa i...
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Dorothée Thélémaque exhibition.

15-20 June 2009. Customised furniture and recycled objects by French expat artist Doroth
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18-29 May 2009. Wanssi Massimo and Kola Koseph present a selection of scrap iron and multi-media sculptures to demonstrate that
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Gustavo da Liña exhibition.

5-15 May 2009. Work by the Berlin-based Brazilian artist Gustavo da Li
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Youth in Germany exhibition.

24 April-8 May 2009. The Goethe-Institut presents JUNG.DE, an interactive exhibition exploring the lives of young people in Germany, their interests and their view of the future.
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Bamako photo exhibition in Accra.

9 April. Photographers from Ghana and other African countries display their work ahead of the eighth edition of the Bamako Encounters, an African photography biennale, in Mali in November-December. Th...
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Willis Bell photographic exhibition.

24 April-5 May 2009. Photographs by American photographer Willis Eugene Bell portraying Ghana after independence from Britain in 1957 are on display at the NUBUKE Foundation in East Legon. The works o...
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Akuoko Adee Frimpong exhibition.

17-27 March 2009. Mixed media artist Akuoko Adee Frimpong presents works combining painted ostrich shells with other materials. The exhibition will be opened by Dr Frimpong-Boateng of the Korle Bu Tea...
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Ghana Photo Memories exhibition.

1-19 Dec 2008. Exhibition of photographs on the theme Ghana Photo Memories. Daily 09.00-18.00.
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Bright Dankyi Mensah exhibition.

1-31 Dec 2008. Paintings by Bright Dankyi Mensah and Andrew Tetteh Arko are on display in the Golden Tulip Hotel in Accra. Daily 10.00-21.00.
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Cloth on Cloth at the Goethe-Institut.

From 26 Nov 2008. Textile designers and artists Edwina Assan and Tei Huagie take part in a joint exhibition entitled “Cloth on Cloth” at the Goethe-Institut in Accra. Assan borrows heavily...
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?German Life

4-26 Nov 2008. Fifty photographs by Stefan Moses taken over 40 years portray the post-war period in Germany. Born into a German Jewish family in 1928, Moses began his photographic career in 1947 and h...
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Breaking Barriers exhibition at the Goethe-Institut.

14-24 Oct 2008. Exhibition of work by participants of the


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