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Kwani LitFest 2012

9-16 Dec. This edition of the traditional biennial Kwani Literary Festival, organized by Kwani Trust, will focus on several geopolitical trends and shifts in Kenya’s immediate north to host lite...
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Musical Seventeen by Kenya Conservatoire

14-16 Dec. This musical, entitled Seventeen, is performed by the Kenya Conservatoire of music, led by the famous Kenyan composer and performer Nancy Day. Among the contributors to this project are...
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Matatu Project in Movement

7 Dec-15 Jan. The Matatu Project in Movement is an exhibition by the Kenyan artist Dennis Muraguri, inspired by the famous Nairobi Public Service Vehicles, such as matatus, buses and human transporter...
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Workshop on Art and Entrepreneurship

11 Dec. Professor Ole Lutzow-Holm of the Academy of Music and Drama at the University of Gothenburg and Lotta Lekvall from Natverkstan in Sweden will hold a workshop with academics engaged in the crea...
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Exhibition by Thom Ogonga

11 Dec -15 Jan. This exhibition, entitled Edition One, displays a limited edition of woodcut prints by the Nairobi-based visual artist Thom Ogonga. His exclusively handmade prints are the result of...
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Mario Biondi on Concert

4 Dec. This charity jazz event, entitled Live in Concert, is performed by the internationally acclaimed Italian singer and composer Mario Biondi. Biondi will be accompanied by Claudio Filippini at...
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Theatrical Play My Brilliant Divorce

26 October-10 November 2012. The Phoenix Players present My Brilliant Divorce, directed by Geraldine Aron. It hilariously explores the life of a 40-something woman, named Angela, who suddenly retur...
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The Hot Mamas

19-21 October 2012. This hilarious and confusional comedy of misunderstanding, entitled The Hot Mamas, tells the story of a Kenyan named Kinyua, who is on his first holiday with his wife Nyakenya in K...
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Camila Jotaba in Concert

25 October 2012. This concert features the five member band De Bolso, led by the voice of Camila Jotaba, who will perform some popular Brazilian compositions. The band’s original work focuses...
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Theatrical Play Side Effects

5-20 October 2012. This theatrical play, entitled Side Effects, tells the story of Frank, who has been hospitalized for a rare complaint for one week in a private nursing home by his wife June. Whilst...
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Their Fate is Ours

3-21 October 2012. This photographic exhibition, entitled Their Fate is Ours –The Humanity of Great Apes, pays homage among the others to gorillas, chimpanzees, bonobos and orangutans. On dis...
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Flamenco Faces Photography Exhibition

9 October-9 November 2012. The embassy of Spain in collaboration with the National Museums of Kenya (NMK) displays this exhibition by the Spanish photographer Maque Falgas, which celebrates Flamenco a...
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Exhibition by Tom Mboya

2-21 October 2012. This exhibition, entitled Urbanization, features the latest acrylic, oil and water paintings by the Kenyan visual artist Tom Mboya. Mboya’s works focus on how human activities...
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Nairobi Fashion Market

Nairobi hosts its fifth Fashion Market, in aid of breast cancer awareness, over the weekend 6-7 October. In addition to more than 100 fashion and lifestyle stalls, there will be fashion shows and l...
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Samosa Festival 2012

22-29 September 2012. The Samosa Festival consists of a biennial cultural platform for the promotion of Kenyan music, art, poetry and drama as well as ethnic and racial unity. On stage are various...
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Happy Birthday by The Phoenix Players

14-29 September 2012. The Phoenix Players present Happy Birthday, a play directed by George Munga. The plot tells of Bernard, who invites his mistress, Brigit, to his home on her birthday in presen...
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Accumulating Signs by Mimi Cherono Ng'ok

18 September-12 October 2012. This exhibition, entitled Accumulating Signs, by the Kenyan photographer Mimi Cherono Ng'ok, is displayed within the series Sasa Nairobi, dedicated to Kenyan contemporar...
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Ngoma Jazz Festival

28-30 September 2012. The second edition of the Ngoma Jazz Festival focuses on instrumental artist in Kenya and East Africa. Several local Jazz musicians and bands from different generations, such...
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Theatrical Play: If I Were You

24 August-8 September 2012. The Phoenix Players present this theatrical play, entitled If I Were You and directed by Caroline Odongo. It tells the story of an ordinary family, the Rodales, who hide...
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At the Discovery of the Milky Way

6-13 September 2012. The Italian Cultural Institute presents this photographic exhibition, entitled The Milky Way through Science, History and Art. Since many centuries the arc of the Milky Way, a...


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