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Concert by the Giovanni Falzone Quintet

23 October 2012. This concert, entitled Around Ornette, organized by the Italian Institute of Nairobi, is performed by the famous Italian jazz group Giovanni Falzone Quintet. This project, dedicate...
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Tiger Arty Party

6-10 August 2012. This weekly workshop is especially dedicated to kids aged four to 12. Children will be introduced to the world of arts and crafts at the discovery of tigers. They will paint th...
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Kwani? Open Mic

7 August 2012. The Memorial Edition of Kwani? Open Mic features a live performance by the Canadian poet and storyteller Ian Kamau, as well as the Canadian poet, musician and actor Dembede Mido. Kam...
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Kenya's Olympic Journey

1-31 August 2012. On occasion of the Olympic Games in London, this photographic exhibition, entitled Kenya’s Olympic Journey, aims to promote Kenyan sporting history stories at a local and inter...
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Who’s Who Play

27 July-11 August 2012. The Phoenix Players perform the theatrical play Who’s Who, directed by George Mungai. During a clandestine weekend two men and two women meet in the lounges of the Gra...
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Exhibition by Paul Onditi

29 July-22 August 2012. This exhibition features a series of experimental works by the revolutionary Kenyan artist Paul Onditi. Onditi’s canvases mix acrylics, bleach, ink as well as traditio...
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Sanaa ya Makaratasi Exhibition

3-30 August 2012. This exhibition, entitled Sanaa ya Makaratasi, focuses on the African paper art process as well as on substance and environment. On display are a series of paintings, drawings, pa...
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Wamathai Spoken Word July

14 July 2012. This event, entitled Wamathai Spoken Word July, features a series of poetry, music and photography performances. The poetry events will be performed among the others by El Poet, Jemed...
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Signs of History Exhibition

3-31 July 2012. This joint exhibition, organized by the Mexican Embassy in Nairobi, is entitled Signs of History. It displays the works by Martha Delgado Ponce and Casandra Sabag Hillen. In contemp...
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Three Fold Chord

6-21 July 2012. This play, entitled Three Fold Chord, is written by Scott Marshall and directed by Millicent Ogutu. It tells the story of a man, called Markus, who is secretly living a triple life....
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Tribute to Italian Cinema

27 June-25 July 2012. The Italian Institut of Culture pays homage to Italian Cinema with the screening of a series of famous Italian movies from the past decade. On 27 June it screens Terraferma by...
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Recent Works by Michael Soi and Ogonga Thom

24 June-25 July 2012. This exhibition gathers together the most recent works by two Kenyan artists: the award winning Michael Soi and the self-taught Ogonga Thom. Soi graduated from art school 1996...
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Lake Basin Art Group Exhibition

6 May-30 June 2012. This exhibition, entitled Tranquil Waters, features the paintings by Lake Basin Art Group (LBAG). This unique group of artists, coming from the lake region in western Kenya, is...
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11 in One Day Art Exhibition

31 May-30 June 2012. This exhibition, entitled 11 in One Day, displays 25 works by some leading and talented African visual artists, such as Peterson Kamwathi, Philippa Ndisi-Herrmann, Ato Malinda, X...
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Visiting Hour by Phoenix Players

15-30 June 2012. This play, entitled Visiting Hour, is written by Richard Harris and directed by George Mungai. It includes four scenes, such as Plaster, in which a hospitalized husband is visited...
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Photographs by Zia Manji

15-24 June 2012. For the first time this exhibition, entitled Equilibrium: A Moment of Solitude, displays a series of 30 black and white images by the photographer Zia Manji. These images, which ca...
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The Chronic Library Exhibition

2-27 July 2012. This exhibition, entitled The Chronic Library, consists of an installation of posters, books, journals, music and films, displayed in an interactive reading room.  Its aim is t...
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Peace and Milk. Scenes of Northern Somalia

12 June 2012. This book launch is dedicated to a photographic documentation, entitled Peace and Milk: Scenes of Northern Somalia, by the Somali environmentalist Fatima Jibrell and the retired diplomat...
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Literature Reading of My Mother's Lover

21 June 2012. On occasion of the public reading series Stories Spoken, this literature reading is dedicated to a novel by Urs Widmer, entitled My Mother’s Lover. The story is set in the 1920s...
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Concert by Fujo Makelele

22 June 2012. On occasion of a new album launch, entitled Hip Hop Revolution, Goethe Institut hosts a live concert by Fujo Makelele, one of the founding members of Mombasa’s first Hip Hop group...


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