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Summer Selection

16 August-15 September 2012. This exhibition, entitled Summer Selection, features a series of works by Ahmed Keshta, Ahmed Talal, Amr Kafrawy, Georges Bahgory, Fathi Afifi, Mohamed El-Fayoumi. Bahg...
Dar Es Salaam What's on

Words Lighted Up

10-26 September 2012. This in house exhibition, entitled Words Lighted Up, features a selection of recent works by the illustrators Collins Mdachi and Abdul Gugu. On this occasion these niche artis...
Nairobi What's on

At the Discovery of the Milky Way

6-13 September 2012. The Italian Cultural Institute presents this photographic exhibition, entitled The Milky Way through Science, History and Art. Since many centuries the arc of the Milky Way, a...
Nairobi What's on

Kenya's Olympic Journey

1-31 August 2012. On occasion of the Olympic Games in London, this photographic exhibition, entitled Kenya’s Olympic Journey, aims to promote Kenyan sporting history stories at a local and inter...
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Encounter Exhibition

9 June-4 August 2012. This exhibition, entitled Encounter, features the works by Deena Fadel, Rossana Corrado and Wael A. Sabour. It was born from the artist’s desire to find an encounter and...
Nairobi What's on

Exhibition by Paul Onditi

29 July-22 August 2012. This exhibition features a series of experimental works by the revolutionary Kenyan artist Paul Onditi. Onditi’s canvases mix acrylics, bleach, ink as well as traditio...
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Sanaa ya Makaratasi Exhibition

3-30 August 2012. This exhibition, entitled Sanaa ya Makaratasi, focuses on the African paper art process as well as on substance and environment. On display are a series of paintings, drawings, pa...
Cairo What's on

Harassment at Darb

20 July-20 August 2012. This exhibition, entitled Harassment, focuses on sexual harassment during the Egyptian revolution. On display are a series of works among the others by Amira Paree (The Neth...
Cairo What's on

Exhibition by Joshua Goode

20 July-20 August 2012. This exhibition, entitled Lost Gods, features two hundred small sculptures by Joshua Goode. Goode’s creations, including complete figures or simple fragments, were bur...
Cairo What's on

Collective Exhibition 2012

30 July-16 September 2012. This group exhibition features a series of paintings, sculptures, ceramics, glass wares, 3D objects, calligraphies and handmade silver jewelries by 60 artists from different...
Cairo What's on

Gallery Collection at Almasar

1 August-1 October 2012. This group exhibition displays a selection of paintings and sculptures, displayed at the gallery over the past four years, by 33 late, modern and contemporary Egyptian ar...
Dar Es Salaam What's on

Japanese Handcraft Exhibition

16 July-4 August 2012. The Japanese Embassy in collaboration with the Japanese Foundation organizes this travelling exhibition of Japanese handcrafts, highlighting the different traditions and techniq...
Nairobi What's on

Signs of History Exhibition

3-31 July 2012. This joint exhibition, organized by the Mexican Embassy in Nairobi, is entitled Signs of History. It displays the works by Martha Delgado Ponce and Casandra Sabag Hillen. In contemp...
Cairo What's on

The Holy Family in Egypt

7 June-3 July 2012. This exhibition pays homage to the Holy Family in Egypt through the works of various Egyptian artists of the caliber of Abdo Ramzy, Abdel-Aal Hassan, Adel Thabet, Gamil Shafik, Geo...
Nairobi What's on

Recent Works by Michael Soi and Ogonga Thom

24 June-25 July 2012. This exhibition gathers together the most recent works by two Kenyan artists: the award winning Michael Soi and the self-taught Ogonga Thom. Soi graduated from art school 1996...
Nairobi What's on

Lake Basin Art Group Exhibition

6 May-30 June 2012. This exhibition, entitled Tranquil Waters, features the paintings by Lake Basin Art Group (LBAG). This unique group of artists, coming from the lake region in western Kenya, is...
Nairobi What's on

11 in One Day Art Exhibition

31 May-30 June 2012. This exhibition, entitled 11 in One Day, displays 25 works by some leading and talented African visual artists, such as Peterson Kamwathi, Philippa Ndisi-Herrmann, Ato Malinda, X...
Cape Town What's on

Turn Around Time

3 June-14 July 2012. This Annual Winter Solstice Exhibition, entitled Turn Around Time, offers a time for reflection, revision and re-interpretation. On display are a series of disparate, juxtapose...
Cape Town What's on

Exhibition by Catherine Ocholla

4-29 June 2012. This exhibition, entitled Nothing New Under the Sun, displays a series of paintings by Catherine Ocholla. This new series, dedicated to the sky, immortalizes clouds, shown in detail...
Nairobi What's on

Photographs by Zia Manji

15-24 June 2012. For the first time this exhibition, entitled Equilibrium: A Moment of Solitude, displays a series of 30 black and white images by the photographer Zia Manji. These images, which ca...


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