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Addis Ababa What's on

Comics, Manga & Co: The new culture of German comics

29 Jan-15 Feb. This exhibition, entitled Comics, Manga & Co, focuses on two generation of German comic artists: the avant-garde, which contributed to the birth of an independent culture of German...
Cape Town What's on

Exhibition by Joshua Miles

15 Dec-31 Jan. This exhibition, entitled Cape Beauty, displays a new series of colourful handmade woodblock prints by Joshua Miles. His impressionistic and delicate woodblocks, which combine master...
Nairobi What's on

Mogadishu Then and Now

15 Dec-14 Jan. This exhibition pays homage to Somalia’s capital, Africa’s most wounded city. Mogadishu is immortalized in all its splendour before the destruction of the civil war in 1991....
Nairobi What's on

Matatu Project in Movement

7 Dec-15 Jan. The Matatu Project in Movement is an exhibition by the Kenyan artist Dennis Muraguri, inspired by the famous Nairobi Public Service Vehicles, such as matatus, buses and human transporter...
Nairobi What's on

Exhibition by Thom Ogonga

11 Dec -15 Jan. This exhibition, entitled Edition One, displays a limited edition of woodcut prints by the Nairobi-based visual artist Thom Ogonga. His exclusively handmade prints are the result of...
Cape Town What's on

Cape Lace Guild

3 Nov-2 Dec. For the 30th anniversary of the Cape Lace Guild, this exhibition displays the work of members. On display are a series of unique pieces, created over the years, which testify to the ex...
Cape Town What's on

Uncontained: Opening the Community Arts Project Archive

1 Oct 2012-12 Apr 2013. This exhibition is curated by the Centre for Humanities Research (CHR) at UWC, a major research platform dedicated to the reconstitution of the study of the humanities in Afric...
Accra What's on

Female Rights in Ghana

27 November 2012. This documentary photographic exhibition, entitled Female Rights in Ghana, is organized in cooperation with Amnesty International Ghana. Under the solgan Stop Violence against Wom...
Addis Ababa What's on

Walls between People

1-15 November 2012. This exhibition, entitled Walls between People, focuses on new barriers, which have been built worldwide in the 20 years following the fall of the Berlin Wall. In this era, domi...
Addis Ababa What's on

X Privacy by Dawit Abebe

9-25 October 2012. This exhibition, entitled X Privacy, displays the latest works by the Ethiopian artist Dawit Abebe, ispired by his vision of society in modern times. Abebe has graduated from the...
Nairobi What's on

Flamenco Faces Photography Exhibition

9 October-9 November 2012. The embassy of Spain in collaboration with the National Museums of Kenya (NMK) displays this exhibition by the Spanish photographer Maque Falgas, which celebrates Flamenco a...
Nairobi What's on

Their Fate is Ours

3-21 October 2012. This photographic exhibition, entitled Their Fate is Ours –The Humanity of Great Apes, pays homage among the others to gorillas, chimpanzees, bonobos and orangutans. On dis...
Nairobi What's on

Exhibition by Tom Mboya

2-21 October 2012. This exhibition, entitled Urbanization, features the latest acrylic, oil and water paintings by the Kenyan visual artist Tom Mboya. Mboya’s works focus on how human activities...
Dar Es Salaam What's on

Cartoon Exhibition by Simon Regis

8-13 October 2012. This is the first exhibition in Tanzania by the cartoonist Simon Regis. Regis started painting in primary school and later transformed his passion into a real job, mentored by Jo...
Lagos What's on

Black Light Project

13-27 October 2012. This exhibition, entitled Black Light Project, is organized by Goethe Institut in collaboration with German embassy and Lagos Photo Festival. This project gathers together the p...
Dar Es Salaam What's on

Exhibition by Sarah Markes

18-24 September 2012. This exhibition displays the latest paintings and drawings on Dar es Salaam’s flora and fauna by Sarah Markes. Merkes has spent her past years at exploring and illustrat...
Cape Town What's on

Mounir Fatmi’s Suspect Language

22 September - 27 October 2012. This exhibition, entitled Suspect Language, is the first South African exhibition by the Moroccan-born and Paris-based multimedia artist Mounir Fatmi. Fatmi creates...
Nairobi What's on

Accumulating Signs by Mimi Cherono Ng'ok

18 September-12 October 2012. This exhibition, entitled Accumulating Signs, by the Kenyan photographer Mimi Cherono Ng'ok, is displayed within the series Sasa Nairobi, dedicated to Kenyan contemporar...
Cape Town What's on

Exhibition by Banksy and Friends

21 August-8 September 2012. This exhibition looks the concept of controversy through a series of works by the famous graffiti guerrilla artist Banksy, as well as other international artists, including...
Cape Town What's on

Order and Division by Gina Heyer

22 August-3 October 2012. This exhibition, entitled Order and Division, features a series of photorealistic oil paintings by the South African artist Gina Heyer. This collection explores the concep...


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